Maintenance of your bio ethanol fireplace

It is essential to properly maintain your bio-ethanol fireplace. That is why we would like to share some tips with you.

Clean after use

Clean your bio-ethanol fireplace after each use. This seems obvious, but it is important to emphasize. Be careful with water or cleaning agents on electrical parts. On our website or YouTube page you will find instructional videos for dismantling and maintaining specific parts. Please note: you always do this at your own risk and incorrect use may affect the warranty.

Cleaning Grilles

Use a wire brush or scouring pad to clean the grilles. Tip: After use, stoke the fire well to clean the grates. This way you can easily remove any residue afterwards.

Maintenance of Hinges

Maintain the hinges once a year with a little penetrating oil to keep them flexible.

Protection against winter weather

Place your bio-ethanol fireplace indoors in winter. Although the quality is excellent, we recommend storing your fireplace indoors during the winter months. This prevents damage due to moisture and temperature changes, especially in fireplaces with electronic components.

Prevent condensation problems

If you leave your bio-ethanol fireplace outside in winter with a cover, condensation can form between the device and the cover due to rain or frost in combination with temperature increases. This can lead to rust formation. Therefore, it is better to place your fireplace indoors to avoid such problems.